Ecocel Wins Green World Award

Ecocel Insulation Wins Green Award

Cork based manufacturer Ecocel has won bronze Green Apple in a Prestigious International Award for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage.

THE GREEN ORGANISATION has been established since 1994 as an international, independent, non-profit, environment group, dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world. Its Green Apple Awards have been running for a number of years and promotes environmental best practise in the built environment.

Ecocel’s Managing Director John Egan stated ‘it is good to get the international recognition as we are the only cellulose insulation manufacturing plant in the British Isles. It has helped improve trade with our closest neighbour, the UK, by developing more links with eco-conscious Architects, Building Contractors and Developers. As our own construction industry has improved, there is a knock on effect for us and national trade has increased as well. Our product has been awarded the NSAI agrement certificate for timber framed walls, sloped ceilings and attics, we are expanding and currently looking for staff, so our future is bright.’


Ecocel Wins Green Apple Award

Ecocel Wins Green Apple Award

Ecocel is also used in acoustic partitions where party walls and sound has an impact. It can be used in rock bars, lecture halls and homes. The company is currently working with a range of industries and colleges expanding their range. Ecocel is developing a network of trained installers to ensure the product is used as sustainably as possible and are currently looking for interested tradesmen to expand their operation.

Ecocel, cellulose insulation produces cellulose insulation by reusing paper and treating it with inorganic salts which act as a biocide and a fire retardant. Watch the video on the website to see how the product does not burn when treated, although it is 85% paper based. ‘We pack as much into bags as we possibly can, 17Kg, to give better value to our customers. It is the only insulation that is reusable beyond the lifespan of a building and has a low carbon footprint. As a result it can act as a carbon sink, and help buildings achieve PASSIV Haus standard’ says Leonel, the factory’s engineer. ‘The insulation is pumped into spaces which creates an airtight seal by trained professional installers. There are health benefits associated with using natural products, they help the building breathe and its inhabitants breathe better too.’

The future is bright green with Ecocel providing sustainable warmth and support is available from government. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is currently providing a range of grants to support Irish homes and businesses to create a warmer environment. The national building stock costs 40% of national energy use each year. The return on investment for attics is approximately 2 years. Nowadays, we need 30cm (12”) of insulation in the attic to reach current building regulations (Part L). It is probably time to address the hole in our pockets caused by poor insulation. As a result of the Paris Agreement, governments and all of us ought to play our part in ensuring the 1.5C increase in global temperature is not reached.

Using Ecocel products is a win-win solution, providing local jobs, from start to finish and supporting the local economy by thinking global but acting local.

Green Apple Award

Green Apple Award

The Green Apple Awards are run by The Green Organisation