Environmental Policy

Ecocel Environmental Policy

Our Mission:

Ecocel has been in operation for 7 years since January 2010. Sustainable manufacturing plays a big role in what we do so we have developed an Environmental Policy to ensure this aim is carried right through our business.

We are committed to a code of best practice in all aspects of our business, including our relationship with and effect on the environment and the communities that we help save energy with our cellulose fiber insulation. We believe it is our responsibility to be constantly monitoring our business methods to make sure that our environmental impact is as low as possible.


Our aim is to reduce our energy consumption even though our insulation is carbon negative when installed locally. We are currently researching more energy efficient methods for the manufacturing process of Ecocel.

Within 5 years we aspire to be able have to source our energy from renewable energy for our production.

We are working towards eventually using Green Energy in the factory.

We encourage our suppliers and other members of the insulation business community in Ireland to adopt similar practices.


All our lighting is currently florescent lighting but will be changing to LED lighting throughout the office, canteen and factory.

All our electrical outlets are linked to timers, thus ensuring no unnecessary power usage outside of office hours.

Our heating system operates on a timed programme, which is carefully monitored.


All Ecocel office paper is carefully recycled by us and turned into insulation to save energy.

Responsible E marketing

We are committed to responsible marketing and accurately communicating our products and services.

Our aim is to be totally web based for all marketing and use e-brochures in the future. If any printing is carried out we will use recycled paper for same.

We also hope to have our web-hosting carbon neutral by renewable energy.


Canteen and toilet

We monitor consumption of our water and always seek to reduce consumption.

Manufacturing process

This water usage will be measured in future and is kept to a minimum requirement.

Use of Detergents/Disinfectants

New cleaning products have been sourced and implemented. We now use Lily’s Eco Clean throughout the office, factory and canteen.

Green Purchasing Policy


We are striving to become a paperless office but when the use of paper is needed, we use recycled paper. It is made form 100% recycled material and is certified by the FSC.

We buy rainforest alliance certified coffee and tea.

When buying electronic equipment we endeavour to buy Energy Star certified where possible. For larger appliance we try to purchase efficient energy rated appliances.


We survey all of our supplier’s activities to find out their own eco practices. Through this we have made them all aware of the Sustainable Manufacturing Certificate that we are aiming to achieve.


We have invested in our fleet over the last five years and almost all our vehicles have low fuel consumption.

Our drivers are trained to drive is a smooth, safe and considerate way. This is not only vital for safety and comfort, but smooth driving also significantly reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles.

We plan our work to include less driving and have an eco driving policy and no idling is allowed.

We will research and purchase eco-celaners for all our vehicles and reduce water with hand-washing of same.


Commitment to Raise Awareness in Construction industry/property owners.

As part our CSR Contribution we give our time, expertise and leadership to 3 National NGOS: The Green Building Council, Passive House Association and the Cork Environmental Forum.

Environmental poliicy

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