Cellulose Insulation Overview


Ecocel is the best value on the market if one does the correct calculation regarding insulation, I.E.  Euro cost compared to U-value.
Ecocel lasts the lifespan of the building and creates a healthy indoor air quality.

Energy saving

Ecocel performs 33% better than any man made fibers thus yielding a quicker pay back time.
N.B. Money wisely spent on insulation is the only spend on the property that comes back to you.

How can I get it installed?

Ecocel covers the whole of Ireland.
Please see list of installers here https://www.ecocel.ie/installers/  (Hyperlink please to installer’s page)

What happens in the event of a fire?

Ecocel doesn’t burn thus making the house 30% safer than no insulation.

What happens in the event of water damage?

Like all open cell insulation’s Ecocel will need to be replaced in the event of serious water damage.

Can Ecocel be used Masonry cavity walls?

Ecocel cannot be used in masonry cavity walls.
Only closed cell insulation can be used in this possibly damp environment.

Acoustic performance

Ecocel performs very well acoustically due to the density of the material and the fact that it is injected at 55-65 kgs/m3


Can storage be provided in Attic insulated with Ecocel.
Yes storage can be built up with Ecocel under the storage.
Similarly maintenance platforms can be built up for access to water tanks and mechanical ventilation systems.

I have Bats in my Attic?

Ecocel insulation is the only wildlife compatible option and recommended by experts in bat conservation. Spray insulation is not recommended for two reasons:
  1. access points cannot be easily retained
  2. due to the possible effect of the fumes on bats

For more general information on bats please see the Bat Conservation Trust website.

To download information regarding bats in the home please download this document BatsandBuildings_2012


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