Ecocel Cellulose is 100% Recycled Insulation made in Ireland

Ecocel cellulose fibre insulation is sustainably manufactured with a low embodied energy in Cork ( Ireland ) from recycled paper locally sourced. Ecocel can be used Thermally in Attics, Timber frame walls and sloping ceiling’s ( n.b. counter-battens ) and Acoustically in Party walls and floors. Ecocel when installed is Carbon negative as it only Insulation made in Ireland from Irish raw materials.

Ecocel due to the density of it’s natural fibres performs Thermally 35% better than imported man made fibres. Ecocel due to its natural fibres is Hygroscopic thus allowing it to deal with moisture specially in retrofit situations where it is not possible to fit Vapour check. This means that Ecocel lasts the lifetime of the building unlike imported man made fibres which can’t deal with moisture and will have to be replaced.

Ecocel due to its natural fibres contributes to a Healthy Indoor Air Quality. Ecocel treated with non-toxic fire retardants makes a timber frame structure 40% safer in a fire than non insulated structure compared to fibreglass which makes structure 25% more dangerous. ( The fibre glass becomes the fuel thus 25% more dangerous than no insulation )

Ecocel is the best value insulation product based on Euro cost to U-value.

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